Your Complete Guide to Quang Binh

Your Complete Guide to Quang Binh
Your Complete Guide to Quang Binh

There are two things that can be seen as the best of Quang Binh tourism, and these are Phong Nha and Thien Duong cave. Besides, there are beautiful beaches like Nhat Le and Da Nhay beach located under Da Nhay pass. If you want to visit Quang Binh, the summer is a great time, and you can both go to the forest and beach. You should stay at Quang Binh for about 2 or 3 days. The below information is about Quang Binh Travel tour guide.

Quang Binh, Vietnam
Quang Binh, Vietnam

The way to go to Quang Binh

There are three main ways to go to Quang Binh, including train, airplane, and bus if you start from Hanoi and Saigon. Besides, some people comes to Quang Binh from  Hue when they want to travel to both Quang Binh and Hue.

Currently, you can fly to Hue by three major Vietnam airlines below:

Vietjet Air

Vietnam Airlines


By train

You can refer the information from the website of Vietnam Railways. Here is the information about the time of train departure at Dong Hoi Quang Binh station.

Dong Hoi – Quang Binh

  •         SE2 17:44
  •         SE4 19:56
  •         SE6 17:02
  •         SE8 05:21
  •         TN2 14:04
  •         TN4 17:59
  •         SE20 23:02
  •         HN2 15:53

Dong Hoi – Saigon

  •         SE1 04:31
  •         SE3 07:49
  •         SE5 02:34
  •         SE7 15:43
  •         TN1 21:36
  •         TN3 23:31
  •         SE19 01:15
  •         HN1 06:27

Contact of Dong Hoi station

Address:  sub-zone 4, Nam Ly ward, Dong Hoi city.

Number: (052) 3836789

Number for asking train times: (052) 3839630

By sleep bus

  • The Sing Tourist bus starts daily from Tran Nhat Duat at 18:30 to Dong Ha at  5:50 – 6:00. The bus usually stops at Trung Tam restaurant located in the South of Dong Ha city. There are a lot of sleep buses running daily. Starting from Hanoi at 17:00 – 18:00 to Dong Ha at 6:00 – 7:00 the next morning, and from Dong Ha to Hanoi with the same time.
  • Hoa Hong bus: 2 buses (the first one located at Luong Yen bus station, and another is in Nuoc Ngam bus station., Tel: 0935086222.
  • Minh Map bus: lane 6, Kim Dong street. Tel:: 0905291428


  • Dozy Hostel, price: over 110,000 VND/night
  • Phong Nha Garden House, price: over 600,000 VND/night
  • Tiki Hostel, price: over 110,000 VND/night  
Accomadation in Quang Binh
Accomadation in Quang Binh

More information here

Vehicle rental in Quang Binh

You can ask the hotel or hostel for renting a motorbike, the price is usually higher than Hue’s.

Besides, there are some enterprises that has car rental service.

Xuyen Viet taxi

Address: Group 6, sub-zone 10, Dong Phu ward, Dong Hoi city

Tel: (052) 384.84.84

4-seat and 7-seat car

Ngoc Thanh

Address: Bac Nghia ward, Dong Hoi city

Tel: (052) 3770 417

Fax: (052) 3774 41

5-seat car

Independence travel schedule in Quang Binh

Day 1: You should rent a motorbike or a car for traveling a whole day in Quang Binh. In the morning, you can go to the beach and enjoy it. Then, in the afternoon, it is a good time to visit Da Nhay Beach which is about 30 km far from Dong Hoi in the North. Vuc Quanh ecological region locates on Ho Chi Minh road, and the distance between Vuc Quanh and Dong Hoi is about 7 km. In the evening, let’s go out for a walk around Suot mother Monument.

Day 2: there are some places that you should visit on the next day, for example, Truong Son Cemetery, Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River, Cua Tung, and Vinh Moc tunnels (motorbikes and cars are still the best vehicles).

Day 3: you can buy a tour that lasts about 18 hours, to go to Tien Son Cave, Phong Nha Cave, Tam Co Cave, and Mooc Stream (Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park). This tour is quite convenient and suitable for people who travel with family. After that, you move to the hotel for preparing to come back to Hanoi.  

Independence travel schedule in Quang Binh
Independence travel schedule in Quang Binh

If backpacking travel, the motorbike is the best means of transportation to save money. Some notes for you is that checking time not to be late the bus time, visit the remote places firstly. (asking for a tour at the hotel, or you can refer the tours of Phong Nha Discovery).

There are some other places: Suot mother Monument, Tam Toa Church, Dong Hoi Wall, and Bao Ninh Village.

Specialties of Quang Binh

Wet cake and khoái cake are known as two specialties of Quang Binh. You can go to Tu Quy Restaurant, 7 Co Tam Street (Tel: 052 3821 371) to get that.

Besides, you can check the list of delicious Quang Binh dishes on the province website.

Thien Duong Cave

At the end of May 2010, after investigating and calculating the data got from the second exploration of Thien Duong Cave, Dr. Howard Limbert (British Cave Research Association – BCRA) announced that Thien Duong Cave was 31 km in length – this is a new record for the great cave system of Quang Binh. (comparing with Vom Cave – 15 km, Phong Nha Cave – 8.5 km, Khe Ry Cave – 19 km, Toi Cave – 5 km, Ca Roon Cave – 3 km, Ruc Mon Cave – 2.8 km, Tien Cave – 2.5 km, En Cave – 1.6 km, Son Doong Cave – 7.2 km). In the August of 2015, BCRA announced the first wonderful pictures of Thien Duong Cave, Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Bo Trach district, Quang Binh, province.    

Thien Duong Cave
Thien Duong Cave

Coming to Thien Duong cave

The motorbike can be used if you want to visit Thien Duong Cave, it is about 20 km far from Phong Nha. The ticket will be bought at the bottom of the mountain (price: 120,000 VND/person). There are two stages that you must go through from the bottom to the gate of the cave. The first one is 2 km walkway, then, 534 stairs to the gate (570 m in length).

In the first stage, you can go through it by walk or by electric buses with the price of two – way ticket is 100,000 VND/ 4 people and 150,000 VND/ 6 people.

In the second stage, there are also two ways to go, there are climbing stairs and slope. However, you should climb stairs because the slope is very slippery.

Thien Duong cave
Thien Duong cave

When you come to the gate of Thien Duong Cave, you will see a place to rest for a moment, and you will get more information and instruction about Thien Duong Cave.

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